Welcome to Smart Pos
Our company offers Point of Sale Systems and POS software. These systems can be customized to meet your specific needs. By that we mean that we have salon, retail, gas stations, florist, convenience store, grocery store, deli, car wash, liquor store, and restaurant POS systems. We have the ability to fit your company with the one that you require to conduct business at the highest levels.

When you obtain one of our POS systems you will have access to our POS Helper which will pick the correct hardware and software system for your company. When we install the system you will receive a free introductory training class and also 12 months of free standard technical support. Since we offer over 100 different systems at super quality levels, you will be satisfied with our product. Our systems have an inventory import, custom menu programming and onsite installation inside the United States.

In order to find the right system for your business we have Product Specialists who will work with you to find the right one. They will answer any questions that you might have and give you the right information so that you can base your decision on real data. They are trained to accommodate the customer and to give them the truth about the system that will be right for their company. With their expertise and knowledge of the product and service they will be able to give specific guidance for any company that contacts us. This kind of personal attention always helps in making a good, factual decision when considering getting a system in place in their company. Since the price is right, we have many of satisfied customers that will recommend us.

Our pricing is far less than others in the industry and we take pride in helping thousands of companies to automate their business and protect them from theft and inventory shrinkage. We have plenty of customers that are happy with our service and our product. You can see what they say about us.

Make sure that you contact us today and we will have a Product Specialist act as your tour guide to get you all the information that you need. Having a good POS system for a company is becoming a necessity. We have the products that you will need for your business and it will make things run so much smoother.


Contact Details

#112B, 12827, 76 Ave
Surrey BC
V3W 2V3

Ph : +1(604)-630-5737
Sales :- 1-888-856-1360
Fax: +1(604)630-8792


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